The Ultimate Strength Bundle

Train with NBA veteran JJ Redick & Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy in a 5-month program, designed to develop strength and muscle by leveraging different training approaches for maximum results.

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Enhance your strength for optimal

The world's best athletes keep their routine fresh, and by pairing sessions from two of our athletes, now you can too! Strength is crucial for general fitness and optimal performance – let JJ help build your strength foundation and focus, then work with Gus to further enhance strength and build muscle for performance and aesthetics.

The Ultimate Strength Bundle pairs two unique approaches to strength from two world-class athletes, designed to optimize your results.

  • Foundational strength, mobility, and longevity to enhance athletic performance

  • Full-body training to build muscle for performance and aesthetics


Phase 1: JJ Redick program

As an NBA veteran with a career spanning 15 years, JJ’s commitment to longevity and consistency is unmatched. His 2-month program will break down barriers and provide the foundation to enhance your performance, and sustain it for the long haul.

Foundational strength

  • Static and dynamic core work

  • Long resistance band training

Functional strength

  • Plyometrics

  • Tempo and steady state cardio

Mental strength

  • Honing strengths for success

  • Preparation for success

Phase 2: Gus Kenworthy program

As an Olympic medalist, Gus understands what it takes to succeed at the highest level, physically and mentally. His 3-month program is designed to help you reach your optimal level of performance without compromising aesthetics.

Upper body strength and sculpting

  • Push press variations

  • Dumbbell row and extension variations

Lower body strength and sculpting

  • Squat and deadlift variations

  • Isolated glute work

Mental strength

  • Overcoming fear

  • Confronting weakness


I’m stronger and more confident!

As Gus says: "nothing without work", but the work definitely started to pay off...

Jimmy W.
Perfect post-Covid program

I got back to the gym a few weeks ago. Glad for this program to guide me through my workouts.

Pete T.
Maxing out my Ikon Pass!

In the last two years, I didn't ski as much as I wanted. And when I did, I'd get tired after only a few hours. Not this season – this program is a game changer!

Dave B.
Life lessons, learned

Thank you JJ! Not just for the tough sessions but the focus on longevity... us older guys gotta be fit, but healthy too. Love it!

Simon S.
What a workout!! 🔥

If that's what an NBA training camp feels like, RESPECT. These guys work so hard, and I'm feeling the benefits.

Rob P.
Feeling ready for anything

Workouts were intense but I especially appreciate the tips on building a regimen and routine – I know what it takes now!

David H.
Faster on the court already!

Aja's drills have helped me so much on the court and off – feeling better than ever now

Allie F.
A’ja is a BEAST

This program changed my whole perception of training, and why I do it in the first place. Game changer!

Alyssa G.
Great for injury recovery

I've been out of shape since hurting my knee a year ago, and this was a great way to get back into it!

John B.
Ready for powder season

First day on the slopes is always rough after months of not being out there. Thanks to this program I feel strong and ready for the double diamonds already!

Lynn F.
Shaun is a beast 🏂

I used to think it was just natural talent, but never again. This guy puts in the work! I'm still feeling the burn...

Tony P.
Training with a LEGEND!

Dude, what an experience! The workouts were epic, the content was so cool, and to hear all of Shaun's stories – awesome.

Joe B.
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Gus Kenworthy

Freestyle skier

Kenworthy is a British-American freestyle skier, actor, and YouTuber. He competes in a variety of events, such as slopestyle, halfpipe and big air, and took home the silver medal in Men's Slopestyle from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Gus' personal journey is as vital to his success as his time in the gym and on the slopes. He has bounced back from major injuries, developed a strict training regimen, and along the way, has realized the power of self-motivation, goal-setting, and being true to himself – all lessons he's keen to help share with the world.

JJ Redick

NBA Veteran

JJ Redick is a retired American basketball player, having competed at the highest level across three decades. He finished his college career as Duke's all-time leading scorer, and went on to become one of the most elite three-point shooters in NBA history, reaching the playoffs a remarkable 13 years in a row.

Frequently doubted because of his size and athleticism, JJ had to overcome the odds by mastering his shooting form, out hustling his opponents, and developing an elite basketball IQ. He built his career on consistency and diligence, and now he's here to share his secrets with you.


Begin your Masters subscription and start a 5-month journey, led by JJ and Gus. Together, they'll keep your training focused on building Ultimate Strength and leverage their unique expertise to keep your training varied, dynamic, and goal-oriented.